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Came across this quote while reading a programming forum and thought it was interesting:

. . .the real difference between being a beginner and an intermediate level coder isn’t a matter of knowledge, but attitude. Beginners are a lot more prone to give up when things get difficult, where as an intermediate level coder will see it as an expected part of the code writing process and work through whatever is blocking them.

15870679_10101096569767606_1790892242_n15822183_10101096569752636_274911225_nI’m continuing my learning of Android. I’ve been going through the tutorials on Udacity and they’re really good. Take you from a very basic understanding of programming to making full-fledged apps. Definitely good for beginners and getting the fundamentals down. I’m currently working on an app idea that came about during a boardgaming session a few weeks ago. We were playing Twilight Imperium and at the game’s end, came into an argument over what ships would win in different theoretical battles. I boldly claimed that I would write a program to simulate battles and get a final answer on such matters.

Well, a few weeks later and I have done just that. My Twilight Imperium Battle Simulator has been written and I have it hosted up on GitHub. Currently it just runs in the command line of Java, but I’m now in the process of converting it over to an Android app (that version is on GitHub here).

I’ve already got a skeleton of it completed and am working on getting the logic imported over. It’s a little ugly, but it’s getting there! I’m thinking of doing a programming stream while I work on it via Twitch. It’s always fun to do some programming while people watch.

In other news, Jie and I have begun a Star Trek: Voyager marathon. I use to watch that show when I was a kid. Despite what some people may say, I absolutely love it and I’m please to report that Jie is having a great time watching it too!


Updated: January 3, 2017 — 4:12 pm

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